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Our Mission
Shoreline Unitarian Universalist Society is a welcoming congregation that supports lifelong spiritual growth, fosters reverence for nature, promotes justice and serves the local and global community.

Childcare and Religious Education classes are available during our services, September through June. Childcare only during July & August.

Our Newcomers section is designed to help you learn about SUUS and what to expect when you visit. For directions, click here.

Office Hours: Tuesday & Wednesday 9:30AM - 4:00PM; Thursday 9:30 - 4:30. Office Closed Monday & Tuesday

"Love is the spirit of this church and service its law.

To dwell together in peace, to seek the truth in love and to help one another."


Sunday Services in August begin at 10:00AM


August 3
Worship:"Feeling Right" Briallen Hopper
Spiritual feelings or emotions are an important part of many different spiritual and religious traditions. Feelings can help us effect change in our lives and in our world. They are often part of what we are seeking when we come together in worship: feelings of community, purpose or transcendence; a sense of something different from the everyday. But feelings are unpredictable and come and go, and some of them can feel hard to manage. What can the psychology of spirituality tell us about cultivating emotional openness and expanding or managing our emotional range?
August 10
Worship:Thanks-Help-Oops-Gimme-Wow: Reclaiming Prayer as a Unitarian Universalist
SUUS members Maria Puziello, Richard Gressley and Jennifer Munro will explore the role of prayer in the life of a UU.

August 17

Worship: "Does Theology Matter?  Confessions of a Reverent Heretic"- Rev. Madeline Oglesby, PhD

In her first service at Shoreline Unitarian Universalist Society, Rev. Lyn will share some of the defining thoughts and moments that have shaped and informed her ministry. 

Come get acquainted!

August 24

Worship: "Why Covenant?"  Rev. Madeline Oglesby, PhD

Living, loving, working, and simply being together challenge us to forge paths of promise and productivity, hopefully guided by peaceful processes.  “Blessed be the tie that binds.”

August 31

Worship: "Onward to the Promised Land: One Step at a Time"  Rev. Madeline Oglesby, PhD

Where are we going?  How do we get there?  What is my job?  Am I my brother's keeper?  Reflections on Moses, Sisyphus, and just folks.


Childcare for all ages is available in nursery during the summer services and are led by our caregiver Cara Moraitis our adult supervisor and our youth. Unique activities are planned each Sunday.


SUUS Office Open: Tuesday & Wednesday: 9:30am - 4:00pm, Thursday: 9:30am - 4:30pm  
SUUS Office Closed on Monday & Friday


New Playscape Open For All!

Thanks to all who helped with preparing the area for the new play area for our children.  Adults, children and youth tore down the old playset and took it away, dug up and replanted sod, removed stones and boulders and leveled the area for the new playscape.  Work is still in progress, but we can all be proud of this wonderful new improvement to our grounds.  Our next project will begin in mid-August - the handicap ramp to the lower level.  Both these projects were made possibly by grants from the Fred Keefe Endowment Fund.


What We Believe (In 30 Seconds)

Explore our website, plan a visit, and discover your gateway to Unitarian Universalism on the Connecticut Shoreline. We look forward to meeting you.

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Interim Minister Rev. Madeline "Lyn" Oglesby, PhD joins Shoreline UU Society


Rev. Madeline "Lyn" Oglesby,  PhD,our new Interim Minister leads an exciting life of multiple careers and extensive travel. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in government, Lyn moved to DC and worked in the office of Senate Majority Leader Lyndon B. Johnson.  Then came marriage and raising two children in India as a Foreign Service spouse; living in Nepal and Tokyo, earning advanced degrees in education and teaching in Okinawa, Guam and Northern Japan.

Lyn’s call to Unitarian Universalism ministry came in the late 1980’s as an Interim RE Director at River Road Unitarian Church in Bethesda, MD. This led her to the UU Meadville-Lombard Divinity School and University of Chicago Divinity School in Chicago.  She interned in Lancaster, PA and led a 600-member congregation for six months after the settled minister resigned.

Just ten days before Hurricane Katrina struck, Lyn was called to All Souls Unitarian Church in Shreveport, Louisiana. There she focused on membership and stewardship, as well as interfaith work and community outreach.  From Shreveport, Lyn went on to serve the First Unitarian Society in Baltimore, Maryland, as Interim Minister. Her most recent ministry was with a new congregation in Dover, Delaware, where Lyn was active with Equality Delaware, and coordinated the Delaware UU ministers as they supported passage of the Civil Unions bill in the State Legislature.  The following year a Marriage Equality bill became law.

A student of Buddhism, Lyn has returned to India on several Buddhist pilgrimages; most recently visited ancient Buddhist sites in Sri Lanka, and toured South India’s landmark Hindu temples.  She plays the piano to relax, enjoys hiking, theatre, and music. Unitarian Universalist values, ethics and principles, along with continuing spiritual deepening, guides her life choices.  She is eager to join us at Shoreline UU Society, and will officially and joyfully begin her work with us August 15, 2014.

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Our Meeting Room, Library, RE rooms and Coffee Room are available for short term or long term rentals. For more information on renting our facility for your group or event, please click here.

The Unitarian Universalist Association expects all of its member congregations to be welcoming to individuals and families regardless of sexual or affectional orientation, gender identity or expression, race or ethnicity, ability/disability, class, age, or language and citizenship status. Shoreline has been recognized by the UUA as a Welcoming Congregation since 1993.