Want to Drink Safe Water? Do you live in or near Guilford?

Social Justice 1SUUS Social Action is co-sponsoring a public lecture on the dangers of fracked gas expansion and fracking waste.  Dr. Gary Bent, former chemical physicist and university teacher on climate change, will speak next Tuesday, Oct. 20 at the Guilford Library from 6:30-8:30 pm.  SAC is launching a petition to ban pipeline expansion and the import of radioactive fracking waste, and to promote renewable energy. Will you support this and sign the petition?

SAC hopes to help launch petitions in several shoreline towns.  Over 200 towns in NY state have banned new pipelines and import of fracking waste.  This grassroots movement now has the backing of NY legislators.  Can we do the same in CT?

The best way to bypass the energy companies and prevent more fracking is to invest in alternative energy sources.  SUUS is currently a Solar City Ambassador.  Contact zrose@solarcity.com at www.solarcity.com for a site visit and see if you can install solar panels free of charge!  If you qualify and have them installed, Solar City will donate $250 to SUUS!

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