SUUS Auction a Wonderful Success

Many thanks to Dana Eggert and her crew of people who made the 2015 Service Auction a success!  It was a grand evening in which SUUS netted over $10,500!  Many thanks to Logan Fikrig, Neil Schultes and Bill Townsend who led the oral bidding and to our cooks and chefs that supplied such delicious food.   But most of all thank dear SUUS Members and Friends for your generosity of spirit and your good humor and robust conversation that made last Saturday night such an enjoyable time.  Please be sure to contact Dana for information about who won your events and what you owe.  You can pay right online by going to the Donation Button on the sidebar and filling out the form. 

SUUS Auction02 11 7 2015 SUUS Auction03 11 7 2015 SUUS Auction09 11 7 2015 SUUS Auction06 2015

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