Religious Ed News for the New Year from Nate!

Nate PawelekHappy New Year! During the children and youth chapel service on January 3, we learned about landmarks.  Landmarks are guideposts for travelers on journeys—trail blazes for hikers, lighthouses for maritime explorers, and recognizable features of specific places…like the Statue of Liberty or Mount Rushmore, or the Grand Canyon.

There are calendar landmarks as well.  In a given week, Mondays mean back to school or work (Ugh!), whereas Fridays mean the weekend (Yeah!). “Hump day,” or mid-week, are Wednesdays. (We watched one of the most popular commercials ever created: the Geico camel who walks around a busy office suite sharing with his colleagues his thrill about it being hump day.)

More broadly, a given year has the landmarks of holidays and birthdays (half-birthdays, too), and finally New Year’s Day!  People all over the world recognize the calendar landmark of New Year’s Day by making resolutions.  A resolution is a promise that you make to yourself to improve who you are—get better grades in school, eat healthy, exercise, more sleep, talk less in class, be more polite, or lose weight.  The children and youth were then asked to share their resolutions.  My favorite was someone who resolved to have five times the number of arms as she currently has  🙂

Secret Pen Pals 2016 is here! Time to sign up starting January 10.

For those of you who are new to Secret Pen Pals, we are about to embark on our 3rd annual inter-generational anonymous letter exchange between adults of the congregation and children in the religious education program.  When you sign up, adults and children will be paired anonymously.  You will write letters to each other and only be identified by a symbol on the envelopes, such as a smiley face or a half moon.  After six weeks there will be a big identity revealing dinner (March 6).  You do not need to know how to write or read as long as your parents help you.  It’s really fun, so sign up!!

Secret Pen Pals 2016

January 10—sign up

January 17—sign up

January 24—sign up

January 31—Letter exchanges begin


Religious Education January Class Schedule

January 10—R.E. classes resume

January 17—Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend, no R.E. classes

January 24—R.E. classes

January 31—R.E. classes

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