From your Interim Minister – Jan. 20

Rev. Lyn OglesbyWhat do we really need?

Here’s my list:

Solid shelter from wind and weather, and a comfy bed to sleep in.

A bit of sunshine every day, and a bit of rain to nourish the fields and flowers.

Good neighbors who will lend me a cup of milk or flour or sugar when I’ve begun baking without checking my cupboard.

Peace in my community and in my world, and more energy to build both.

Music to grow my soul and comfort me.

Good reading materials to inform me and stimulate my mind.

Loving relationships with family and friends, meaning frequent good-natured communication.

Long walks in the sun and in the (warm) rain.

Exotic travel, as frequently as possible, to enjoy different textures of living and being, and to remind me how blessed I am to be an American.

A Unitarian Universalist congregation, to restore my soul and regenerate my spirit, a caring, forgiving community that speaks up for justice everywhere, for everyone.

What’s on your list?

In faith and gratitude,
Rev. Lyn

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