SHARE THE PLATE FOR MAY: Connecticut Women’s Education and Legal Fund

The Gender Issues Justice Team has selected the CT Women’s Education and Legal Fund (CWEALF)
to be the May recipient of our Share The Plate Offering. We will have a representative from CWEALF at our service this Sunday and will be at coffee hour to answer any questions. It is a statewide nonprofit organization that advocates for and empowers women and girls in Connecticut, especially those who are underserved or marginalized. Since 1973, CWEALF has worked to create an equitable society where women and girls thrive.

The Share the Plate program aims to embody SUUS’s principles and values by showcasing an organization that we will support each month. By donating 50% of our cash offering each week to a designated charity, we offer our congregation and all who visit SUUS a chance to become aware of the many needs in the area and the opportunity to make a difference in the world

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