Share the Plate for JULY & AUGUST: KIVA

Kiva Logo

Our summer Share the Plate offering will be dedicated to KIVA.  SUUS’s connection with KIVA began in the summer of 2015 with a $1500 “seed grant” from the Fred Keefe Endowment Fund (the “Love Fund”).  The KIVA micro-loan project of the Social Justice Committee has, to date, loaned out more than $5000.  These short-term, low-interest micro-loans, averaging between $200 and $400, are made through the KIVA organization, which has vetted the applicants, individuals with small businesses who otherwise cannot access capital for expansion through traditional bank loans

The Share the Plate program aims to embody SUUS’s principles and values by showcasing an organization that we will support each month. By donating 50% of our cash offering each week to a designated charity, we offer our congregation and all who visit SUUS a chance to become aware of the many needs in the area and the opportunity to make a difference in the world

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