Thanks to ALL!

A beautiful evening filled with music and sweets, love and community with members, friends and visitors! Special thanks to Tracy Ernst and Sue Schaedler for their organization, to Richard Gressley for his poetry research, and to all the bakers and candy makers for their donations.  Thanks to our musicians, Elise Morrison, Holley Anderson, Steve Ernst, Ellen Creane, Claudia Volano and Candice Anglin, who kept us entertained all night. And to our cracker jack team who helped organize, set up, publicize, sell tickets, clean up and set up for Sunday morning!  This was the sweetest event of the year and brought in over $2000!

And a special thanks to our sponsors for answering the call for Love and Generosity!

Arthur & Laura  Belanger
Maryann Bracken
Beth Chipman
Ellen Creane
Jennifer Farmer-Etzel
Gary Feder & Alice Fleming in loving memory of Mort & Ruth Feder
Jim & Barb Francese
Paula Gallagher
John & Kaye  Larson
Tom & Jenny Lee
Jeanne Lloyd in honor of Alon & Wynne Lloyd
Barbara Peese
Neil Schultes & Martha Howard
Jim & Nancy  Shapiro
Mary Strieff

Fundraising Team: Mike & Sue Rosen, Barbara Peese, Sue Schaedler, Jennifer Farmer-Etzel, Tracy Ernst, Mary Strieff, Tom &  Jenny Lee, and Jill Bowen

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