Stewardship Update

Finance ChaliceDear all,

We are one community that helps each other and needs each other.  And we need you!  SUUS is currently $11,598 short of it’s $180,000 goal and 15% of our members have not responded.

Currently, $168,402 from 78 pledge units
Previous year:   $176,000 from 93 pledge units

New Pledges: 4
Increased pledges: 41
Remained the same: 26
Lowered pledges: 8
Deceased:  2
No Response: 16

We understand that some of us are struggling financially during this pandemic. Some of you might consider giving more this year in order to help another who is not doing as well.  If you have not pledged for 2020-2021, please click on the link below. We thank you for your generosity.

The Finance Team,

Mike Rosen
Mary Strieff
Neil Schultes

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