Faith Formation News – 10/22/2020

Dear SUUS Families,

Last Sunday, Maryann Bracken shared a yoga practice at our Faith Formation gathering, and since then I am reminded of the importance of self-care and meditation (things I have not been so good at as of late…). She guided us through poses and postures and as I looked around at our group, I could not only feel our collective bodies release and relax, but I also felt a deep sense of inner peace. Thank you, Maryann, for sharing your gifts with us and igniting the spark to visit the spiritual practice of yoga. Namaste.

What have you been doing for self-care during these days? Perhaps you could try this short meditation and a few yoga poses as a family:

The Light Inside You

Close your eyes and get very still and quiet.
It is very dark.
See the blackness.
Now feel the love inside you.
This love is like a light.
Feel this love and this light inside you.
And now imagine the darkness turning into sunshine.
Know that you can bring sunshine to people who are sad or lonely or afraid.
You can bring them sunshine by sharing your love with them.
As you open your eyes, think about someone you can share your love with today.
–Colleen M. McDonald

This Sunday at 1pm we will have our annual Halloween Extravaganza! Check out the details below. I can’t wait to see your costumes!

There are still a few families who have not filled out registration forms. If you are participating in any FF activities, we ask that you complete this asap. Thanks so much!

Faith Formation Registration Form:

Faith Formation Survey:

I hope you are well, and I look forward to seeing you at a Faith Formation gathering soon!


Faith Formation Happenings


Sunday, October 25 at 10:30am – Online Worship Service “Passages that Provoke Change” including a “Story for All” shared by Kathy Helmrich
Many of us have been profoundly moved and shaken by the numerous incidents of harm and violence inflicted on people of color, over time, and in particular this past year. We invite you to join Rev. Jeanne and members of the SUUS Racial Justice Team to hear those words written by others that inspire them to pursue racial justice. (New Member Sunday)


Sunday, October 25 at 1pm – Socially Distanced Halloween Party
This Sunday we will have our annual Halloween Party! Jennifer Swenson has planned a safe and fun filled event for all! There will be a costume contest, pumpkin decorating, individual craft projects, freeze dance, bingo and much more! BYOP (Bring Your Own Pumpkin!) Thank you, Jennifer! And don’t forget your masks! Boo!

Sunday, November 1 at 1pm – A Walk in the Park
Please save the date for a walk in the park. Park location TBA!

Sunday, November 8 at 1pm – Gardening
Please save the date for a gardening activity. We will plant garlic and give our Peace Post garden bed some TLC.

Sunday, November 15 at 1pm – Faith Formation Gathering TBA


Covid-19 Policy Update
In the spirit of safety for all concerned, this week the board passed the following amendment to the current protocol, approved on Sept. 28, 2020:

No indoor Faith Formation classes for Pre-K through 8th Grade will take place until further notice.


Saturday & Sunday, November 14 & 15 – Walden Pond Park in Concord, MA
Parents & CoA Youth:  please save the weekend of November 14 & 15 for a trip to Walden Pond. On Nov 12 or 13 we will decide whether to go on Saturday or Sunday. Each family will travel in their own cars and leave around 9a to get there for 11am. Please bring lunch, masks, hand sanitizer and bags for trash. The cost for parking is $30 per car. Once there, we’ll walk the trail then have lunch on a wall by the beach.

If the parking lot is full when we get there, we will detour to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery:,_Massachusetts), where Thoreau and many other famous folks are buried.

If your child or youth is participating in any Faith Formation activities, we ask that you kindly complete the online registration form below. Thanks so much!

Faith Formation Registration Form:


Faith Formation is collecting food for the Semilla Collective of New Haven. There are labeled and covered plastic bins at the top of the exterior stairs at SUUS. Items needed are as follows:

  • RICE
  • DIAPERS size 3 or larger

A great way to engage children and youth in this initiative is to have them search for food items in your home and/or help to deliver food to SUUS. Please be in touch if your family is interested in making a drop-off directly to Semilla or learning more about ways to volunteer.

 A special thanks to Soule Golden for inviting us to learn more about Semilla and how SUUS can help support their efforts. I also give a big shout-out to Laura Martino who has agreed to help organize social justice activities in relation to food scarcity with our Faith Formation Families. Thank you both for your leadership!

More about Semilla…
The Semilla Collective of New Haven is a grassroots collective formed in the fall of 2019 to fight side by side with immigrant and working families, and to host cultural events in our community. We have been running a mutual aid food distribution program since March in solidarity with our neighbors who are experiencing food insecurity during the pandemic. For more information please visit:


Birthday Parades
We will continue to do our SUUS Birthday Parades and celebrate our children and youth safely! Please stay tuned for dates and times for upcoming parades from Jennifer Farmer Etzel and the Faith Formation Committee.


Thursday, October 29 at 7:45pm – Faith Formation Committee Meeting The Faith Formation Committee will be meeting next Thursday, October 29 at 7:45p via Zoom. A Zoom link and agenda will be shared ahead of time.

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