Once Upon A Time!

blue and beige Disneyland castle

 Fairy tales and superheroes! Fantasy and science fiction! Let’s escape the reality of this world and join our friends and families, near and far for our annual Auction!

Click here to check out our online auction page. Click on the CATALOG tab to see some of the items available. Our banking/credit card area is coming soon. Deadline for submissions is November 2. Click here for the online donation form. A catalog will be emailed or put in the mail to everyone on November 3. The Auction Team will explain the bidding process on Opening Night.

Here’s are a few items we are highlighting this week:

Handknitted Child’s Sweater

Starting Bid: $20.00
Bid Increment: $5.00
Kathy will knit a child’s sweater, up to size 10, in the style and color the purchaser desires. Pattern and yarn will be provided by Kathy and work will be done in 2021.

Rose Garden Coffee and Reflection Time 

Starting Bid: $20.00
Bid Increment: $5.00
Join Beth Chipman for morning coffee, a meditation and some reflection time in her garden. The roses should be at there best as they invite you into a quiet space where you can reconnect with your True Self. Quantity: 6 When: Saturday, June 12, 2021 Where: Beth Chipman’s house in Westbrook

 Thimble Island Cruise & Picnic

Starting Bid: $30.00
Bid Increment: $5.00
45 minute tour the Thimble Islands on one of the touring boats out of the Thimble Island Harbor. Then join Mary on her deck for snacks and beverages. Quantity: 1 When: Mutually Agreeable Location: Thimble Islands in Branford & Mary Strieff’s house in Guilford

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