New Way to Give!


The Finance Committee has enabled the first step to online giving: Text-to-Give is now an option for your Sunday offering or pledge payment. Enter the the following number in your text: 860-321-8302 and follow the prompts. After this one time set-up, open your text and type “Give” in the address line and the Breeze # will appear, then you put an amount in the text message and send.

ex: text “$20” or 20 to give to Sunday offering. You will receive a confirmation text and email confirming your donation.

ex: text “$250 pledge” to give to 2020-2021 Pledges. Or “250 pledge”. You must put a space between the number and the word.

ex: text “$250 donation” or “250 donation” to give a donation to the general fund. You must put a space between the number and the word.

To change any of your settings, enter “give” in address line and text “commands” in the text and send.

SECURITY: Breeze is a web-based church management software. It uses an HTTPS SSL encrypted connection in a PCI compliant datacenter for data sent back and forth which is the same standard that banks and credit card companies use.

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