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A HUGE thank you for all your pledge payments, Sunday offerings and donations for this past fiscal year!  We have received 101% of our pledge income, 130% for our Sunday offering, and nearly double our budget for donations!  You are so amazing for supporting our faith, our staff, our justice causes and our community.  Thank you so much for your generosity during these difficult times!

As the new fiscal year began on July 1st, we like to remind you of all the different ways you can financially support SUUS.

  • If you pay your pledge through your bank Bill Pay option – please update your new pledge amount and the number of recurring payments.  
  • If you pay online, the categories have been updated so that you may contribute to Sunday Offering, 2021-22 Pledges and 2021-22 Donations (one time or general gift category)
  • If you pay by text, please be sure to type in “pledge” after the dollar amount in your text, or it will default to “Sunday Offering”
  • If you pay with a check, please make sure you designate what your gift is for in the memo line.

Check out these links for more details:  

If you have any questions, please reach out to us and we will walk you through the steps.  Thanks again for your stewardship and generosity. Your continued support is what keeps SUUS moving forward!

With gratitude from your Finance Team,

Neil Schultes, Gary Feder, Mary Strieff, Sue Schaedler

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