News From the Board – Oct. 21

I know we had all hoped to be back in the building and even “back to normal” by now, and it’s difficult to accept that things have not returned as they were – yet.

The Covid-19 Protocol Team has been meeting monthly and monitoring the latest local UUA guidance, and our local vulnerability levels.

From the UUA President: Updated COVID Guidance for the Delta Variant | Press Releases |,

The team’s recommendations have taken a cautious approach in our regathering to protect our most at risk in our membership. Our minister, staff members, and Board of Trustees are all working very hard to think of new ideas and new ways to bring us together in meaningful ways with safety as the top priority.

I know people are “zoomed out” (including me!), but I shudder to think how we would have stayed in community and connected to one another after March 15, 2020, if we didn’t have technology like Zoom to keep us together as a congregation. We are very fortunate to have ministers, staff members, and congregation volunteers with technical ability to very quickly learn how to do virtual church.

I am continuously amazed and so appreciative of the dedicated staff members we are fortunate to have. Rev. Terry has been so very helpful in guiding us through the complex set up and orchestration needed to produce our multi-platform outdoor and zoom worship services. Amy our vocal leader and Director of Faith Formation has been a whirlwind of energy and enthusiasm as she has pivoted to provide excellent music and lead outdoor Faith Formation classes during our multi-platform and zoom services. Our pianist and technical administrator, Nick Stanford, has gone above and beyond in helping with the technical set up and also took up an increased role as zoom administrator. Martha Hoffman, our Office Administrator has been working behind the scenes adjusting our building use signage, handling changes in rental rules due to Covid, managing changes in reserving our church facilities, and doing whatever is needed to support continuous change. Please take a moment and share your appreciation with those who have rolled up their sleeves and put their thinking caps on to bring us together on Sunday mornings either in person or virtually.

We now have a SUUS fire pit with 8 chairs available for outdoor gatherings!. If your group would like to use it, please contact our Office Administrator to reserve your time.

In other exciting news, the Endowment Rewrite Team has been working diligently to produce a new charter for the management of our SUUS Vision Fund (formerly the Endowment fund). They have done a very thorough and detailed job of creating a simplified process to manage our assets carefully while providing easier access. The information to tell you all about it will be sent out to all members next week. Please save the dates of October 31st or November 7th for a town hall meeting to review the amended bylaws and bring up any questions you may have. Please save the date of November 14th to attend the Fall Congregational meeting to support the team and cast your vote on the amended bylaws for the SUUS Vision fund.

In faith,
Sue Schaedler, President BoT

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