Tis the Season of Generosity!

As 2021 nears its end, Shoreline looks back on a year filled with love and commitment – to each other, to our congregation and to our faith.  As you consider year-end giving, we’re asking each of you to search within your heart for what Shoreline means to you. With your help, we will continue to be a voice of  love, faith, justice, and reason, in the years ahead.

You can make an unrestricted gift to SUUS, or make a donation to an area of your choice, such as the Minister’s Discretionary Fund, the SUUS Mission Fund, or Vision Fund.  Send a check to SUUS  and write your selection in the memo line. If you give electronically, select End of Year Giving for your online donation. If you give by text, enter the amount and the word giving (i.e. $100 giving).

Click here for details about donating to SUUS.

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