Exciting Updates from the Communications Committee

Ellen Creane and Mary Strieff have been working on two major projects to spread the word about our Unitarian Universalist faith.  You may have questions about the details of these two projects, so we invite you to a Town Hall meeting right after the May 15 worship service.  
Come one and all! 

FACEBOOK BOOST:  Last November, we began using the “Boost” feature offered by Facebook to get our SUUS Facebook posts seen by more people in our area.  Instead of getting just a handful of visitors to our SUUS web page, with Boost we are now reaching as many as 2,295 with each weekly SUUS Facebook post.  We’ve had as many as 223 click through to our SUUS Website each week.  Once there, they can read all about our Faith Formation program and Fellowship Groups, our justice work, our history, our values, our 7 Principles.  We’re also receiving requests to receive this Weekly News. 

NPR – CONNECTICUT PUBLIC RADIO:  This spring, we reached out to our other 17 UU congregations in CT to invite them to join us in in buying radio spots on public radio (1) to tell CT residents about our UU faith and (2) to invite listeners to visit our individual UU websites.  To date, nine other UU congregations have committed to this project with funding. Our SUUS Board has voted unanimously to support this project. Launch time will be fall of 2022.

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