Sunday, May 29, 10:30am:  Dr. Elise Morrison, SUUS Worship Team – “Remembering:  Healing the Body/Healing the Spirit”

In The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma (2015), psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk describes how losses and traumatic experiences scar, short-circuit, and even immobilize portions of the brain, sensory organs, and memory for months or years after a person experiences acute or chronic trauma. 

As we gather together around a national holiday designated to remember the scars and losses of wars, past and present, we will consider how the many losses and traumas related to war remain lodged in physical bodies and spaces. Following van der Kolk’s work, we will explore how we must attend directly to our individual and communal bodies for holistic, lasting healing to happen.

Dr. Morrison is an Assistant Professor of Theater Studies at Yale and received her PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies from Brown University in 2011. Her book, Discipline and Desire: Surveillance Technologies in Performance was published by University of Michigan Press. Her current research focuses on theatrical performances that stage technologies of contemporary warfare, from military drones to virtual reality interfaces used to train and rehabilitate soldiers, in order to investigate how live performance might intervene in the ethics and aesthetics of war fought “at a distance.”

CHANGE: This Multi-platform Service will be held outside. No reservations needed. Masks optional.

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