UPDATE: Mid-Term Elections and UU the Vote CT


Thanks to all who have taken postcard packets for the Get Out the Vote (GOTV) campaign. Two more packets are available in the foyer for pick-up – one to PA and one to GA. They should go out after October 10 and before October 28. We are indebted to Shoreline Indivisible for all their work putting together the packets and paying the expenses for this project.

The Unitarian Universalist Congregations of CT held a meeting on Wednesday in which 30 people from eight congregations participated. It was exciting to find out that so many UUs are post carding, phone banking, writing letters and rallying in person to make sure our mid-term elections reflect our UU values.

Important points from this meeting:

  • POSTCARDS WORK! National data shows that postcards sent to states with targeted mailings, recorded a 43% increase in voter turnout to those who received postcards.
  • Host USNH UU the Vote Team will hold a 2nd meeting on October 12 to share what more is needed before the election. They will be sending out lawn signs and postcards to support EARLY VOTING IN CT to interested congregations. Our state constitution does not allow early voting and work is being done to change that by the 2024 election.
  • The group that met this week, will explore how all our CT UU Congregations can work together more effectively for social justice by creating a statewide UU Alliance Action Network CT.

Other Organizations to Support:

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For more information, contact the Social Justice Coordinating Team (SJCT)
Yann vanHeurck, Jere Armen, Mary Strieff

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