Help Needed – Congregational Care Team

Who are we? The Congregational Care Team is one of two subcommittees that together make up the Congregational Life Committee. (the other is Membership.)

What do we do? As a Care Team we connect, usually by phone, once a week to update, explore and tend to the needs of the congregation; who is sick, having surgery or anyone who needs support in the form of a phone call, a drive, meals, a visit or a card, etc.

Where do you come in? We need your help for this system to work. We can help only if we are informed that someone needs assistance. We will not be intrusive so please don’t hesitate in letting us know of individuals or families that might benefit from a helping hand.

Back Up support neededSometimes, because of our schedules, we are not able to assist when help is needed. For this reason we would like to create a backup list of names of those who could help occasionally with a meal or a drive. You would not be a part of the Care Team, but you would support us when needed. Please contact Barb Francese at if you can help.

What else do we want? In order to more effectively serve the congregation we would like to add one new member to the Team who would be a part of our weekly call and service as described above. Hopefully this individual would be someone who is involved with Faith Formation and their families.   Please notify  Alice Fleming if you can help.                                                                                                  

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