Your General Assembly 2024 Report from Our Delegates

GA passed Bylaw Amendments and Support of Marginalized Groups

The results of the UUA General Assembly this year are now complete. The Amendments to the Bylaws passed with minor exceptions, so next year’s GA can vote to accept the finished Bylaws with their greater emphasis on putting UU principles into practice.

In accordance with the vote taken at the Annual Meeting, Yann and Bill voted in favor of accepting the Proposed Revisions to Article II.

Of the almost 135,000 UU’s in the US today, nearly 2300 attended this year’s GA, from all 50 states.

Many marginalized people — LGBTQ, BIPOC, nonbinary or intersex, also those who self-identify as fat or disabled or blind –  seem to have found a place of acceptance in UU. They participated prominently in the GA. We passed a resolution making their rights an integral expression of UU values.

GA passed Actions of Immediate Witness (AIWs)

There were additional votes, and on those Yann and Bill were free to vote their conscience. The GA passed three Actions of Immediate Witness. Actions of Immediate Witness are a response to urgent issues that require immediate action.

  • Call for a declaration of Climate Emergency and commit us to work on this issue.
  • A commitment to keep safe areas for persons still at high risk from Covid.
  • A statement of UU solidarity with Palestinians in the present crisis.
  • A separate resolution called for release of the remaining Israeli hostages (only 50 of whom are presumed to be still alive after the heavy Israeli bombardment), although a decision was taken not to pronounce on the 8000 Palestinian political prisoners, many held under torture and without benefit of trial.. 

Both Yann and Bill voted to support all three AIW’s. Yann, who has worked for change in US policy on Israel/Palestine for 36 years and is a member of Jewish Voice for Peace, was especially encouraged by the third AIW. The GA devoted a great deal of time to the details, emphasizing the need for follow-up teach-ins, support for the Apartheid-Free Movement and for a permanent ceasefire and an end to US weapons exports to Israel

Yann or Bill can provide additional details on each of the AIWs to anyone who wishes to have it. 

Yann van Heurck and Bill Waltrip thank the congregation for sending them as delegates to the GA this year. It has given them a remarkable experience.

                                                                                                                     — Bill Waltrip and Yann van Heurck

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