Final SEA Activity List Until September…

Over the past few months as we have been in this time of physical distancing, the SEA (Social Events and Activities) Committee has shared a weekly list of viewing and online experiences.  Today’s list is the final one as we begin our summer slowdown. We hope you have found some stimulation or entertainment from these offerings.


Baseball and Music

It appears that Major League Baseball will begin a shortened season in July. This spring the Red Sox Fenway Park Organist has been performing a daily live organ concert at 3 p.m. from his home while waiting for the season to begin.  Josh Kantor plays a variety of pieces including requests from his remote audience.  If you are a Facebook member, you can tune in to the concert at:

An interview with Kantor can be found at:


Geographic Exploration

In 2017, geologists announced that New Zealand was the exposed surface of Zealandia, a continent submerged for 23 million years.  If you are looking for an adventure this summer, why not try a remote exploration on the other side of our earth. You can explore this region by maps made available to all at:


Remote Hang Gliding

There are many places we can drive to so we can explore the beautiful Connecticut River.  Get a bird’s eye view of the river and surrounding land in New Hampshire from this video:



At SUUS, we’ve had several opportunities to enjoy a live performance by member Jennifer Munro.  Her stories draw us into memories of her life experiences.  We can attend her online performance on Sunday, July 12th.  Register here:



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