Breeze Database

If you haven’t signed up for Breeze, please  CLICK HERE to enroll. 
If you have signed up, CLICK HERE to enter the site.

Breeze is the Shoreline UU database system that tracks all our donations, pledges and gifts. It also is where our Member and Friends directory is created with each person’s profile with their contact information.

Why is this a good thing? You will have access to your private profile and update your information, add emergency contact information and upload a picture of you and/or your family, so that our minister and staff know who you are AND we all will be able to identify each other with a picture directory. NOTE: Please also let the office know with a quick email if you have made profile changes…thanks!

You can also click the Giving Tab and check your donations and pledges to SUUS. If you give online, your giving is recorded immediately in your profile and goes directly into the SUUS bank account. If you mail checks to SUUS, it may take up to two weeks or more for that information to be added to the Breeze database.

For more information about online giving, click here.

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