Covid-19 Protocol Team Phase 1 Recommendations


Now through the end of August, the SUUS Covid-19 Protocol Team feels it is neither feasible nor wise to open the building for any activities beyond occupation by our 2 tenants, which include the security rounds that Joel does, and the occasional single-person visits necessary for the operation of SUUS.



The decision to keep the building closed is shaped by several considerations:

  • We are committed to keeping our staff safe and tenants safe.
  • We are following state guidelines and advice from our insurer and the UUA on liability issues.
  • Due to the complexities of disinfecting and monitoring frequently used areas such as bathrooms, door handles, and stair railings, we feel it is best to limit the use of the building at this time.

Gatherings outside of the building are permissible under the following guidelines:

  1. If small groups of up to twelve SUUS members and friends wish to gather outside the building in the area behind the building next to the Memorial Garden, that would be fine with appropriate social distancing and use of masks.
  2. Access to the interior of the building, e.g. for bathroom use cannot safely be made available now or in the near future.
  3. We recommend that children under the age of 12 be accompanied by a parent or guardian and leave it to their discretion that the child will be able to wear a mask and maintain the appropriate physical distance.
  4. Our playscape is off limits for children at this time due to the close quarters when children play in this area.

If a small group wants to gather outside of the building, the protocol is to email Martha Hoffman, our Congregational Administrator, so that she can track the event and meeting location on the SUUS calendar. Also copy Mary Strieff, the Board President for awareness.

We are working on developing appropriate protocols for the safe use of the building and will coordinate that with our staff. The Covid-19 Protocol Team will meet mid- August to assess the possibility of allowing limited use of the church building, and will publish an update to the protocol recommendations from September through year end.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in honoring our team’s recommendations.

In Faith,

SUUS Covid-19 Protocol Team:
Susan Schaedler, Xandi Garino, Mary Strieff, Scott Swenson, Chris Jobson

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