Sunday, August 1 at 10:30am: “Putting People First: The Art of Alice Neel and the First UU Principle” – Rev. Jennifer Johnson

Unitarian Universalists put people first. Before all else, we affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person. While not a UU herself, the extraordinary 20th-century painter Alice Neel similarly put people first in life and art.  “For me, people are the first premise,” she said. “I have tried to assert the dignity and eternal importance of the human being.” In this service, Rev. Jennifer Johnson will invite us to deepen our understanding and appreciation of our first UU principle through the lens of Alice Neel’s art.

Currently at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on 5th Ave. through August 1

Alice Neel: People Come First
 is the first museum retrospective in New York of American artist Alice Neel (1900–1984) in twenty years. This ambitious survey positions Neel as one of the century’s most radical painters, a champion of social justice whose longstanding commitment to humanist principles inspired her life as well as her art, as demonstrated in the approximately one hundred paintings, drawings, and watercolors that will appear in The Met’s survey.
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