WOW! Look at these numbers!

In June, you generously donated $538.13 to the Witness Stones Project, which will help them in their efforts to honor and educate us about the contributions to our communities made by enslaved individuals. You also honored the desire of our Coming of Age young adults to contribute to the Ray of Light Farm animal rescue organization in East Haddam with your donations of $149.31.

In Church Year 2021-2022, you donated $6,587.18 to the organizations with whom we shared our plate monthly, as well as sending $65.48 to NXTHVN and $149.31 to Ray of Light Farm, our two special collections in the year. That doesn’t even figure in the donations of food to the Madison Food Pantry or the gift cards you donated for the Covenant to Care project during the holidays last fall.

Thank you so much. You are truly such generous people.

May blessings shower upon you,
Jere Armen

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