We Need Your Words!

We’re getting ready to construct the NPR radio spot, and we seek 3 key words from you that will motivate the listener to find out more about our faith. The radio spot has 2 purposes:  

  1. Introduce our Unitarian Universalist faith (of 500 years) to the listeners of Connecticut NPR.
  2. Encourage listeners to go to the uua.org website to find a UU congregation to visit online and in person.

Please send your contributions to Ellen Creane, Chair, Communications committee by July 31.  

We have already received word contributions from some of the other nine UU congregations in Connecticut, and a submission from one of our own SUUS members.  

Mary Strieff and I will draft a 65-syllable spot which must begin with: 

“Unitarian Universalists (Universalism)” 
and end with
“Visit UUA.org to find a congregation.”

The words in the middle must be powerful and motivating. Think!
Ellen Creane

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