NEWS from the Board of Trustees

Wow, what a week – a week of special announcements and events!

After a lot of great work by our Minister Search Team (Jere Armen, Ann Alvarez, and Enrique Alvarez, with support from Rev. Jade), we have found a new minister! As mentioned at the Pledge Drive Kickoff, we cannot reveal their name yet, for they are in the process of notifying their current congregation. That will happen very soon. In the meantime, we can say that they will be a 3/4-time minister who lives locally. They, like SUUS, want a long-term ministerial relationship. To that end, our contract with them is open-ended regarding timeframe, much like with a called minister (and it is our hope that they could at some future point be called). The new minister will start with us in August.

With this upcoming transition, let us once again express our gratitude to Rev. Jade, who came out of retirement to help guide SUUS. We are very fortunate to have her as part of our community.

Also this week, we welcome Esther Volpe-DeMartino to SUUS as our Office Administrator. We are so glad to have Esther bring to SUUS her extensive experience in office administration and customer service.

Alas, we are saddened by the news that Amy will be stepping away from her Director of Faith Formation role in June. After careful and considerable personal reflection, she has determined she needs to let go of that role. Thankfully, she will remain active at SUUS as the leader of our music program and as a parent of a child in Faith Formation. For all that Amy has done – and continues to do – to enrich SUUS, we are very grateful.

The Pledge Drive Kickoff Brunch was a great success. Thanks to all who helped make it happen! All the info regarding the Pledge Drive is in your pledge packets (if you did not get the packet at the brunch, it will be sent to you). Please read through the material; it includes a “Strive for Five” guide, a way to reflect your commitment to this church and faith through financial support.

These are exciting times at SUUS. We have made it through a very difficult three years and are regathering for services and social events. We are bringing in a new minister with a view to a long-term ministry. We can shift our focus from near-term to long-term. As you consider your pledge, think of what you want SUUS to be now and in the future, for the future of SUUS depends on what we do and give now. Albert Camus said, “Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present.” In that spirit, we ask you to be as generous as you are willing and able.

With gratitude –

Sue and Gary

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