INPUT NEEDED: Proposed Revision to Article II of the UUA Bylaws 

As mentioned at our Annual Meeting in June, the UUA undertook a process to review and potentially revise Article II of the UUA Bylaws. The UUA’s Article II Study Commission have completed their Final Proposed Revision. At the General Assembly in June 2024, delegates will vote on the revision. 

Here is a link to critical information regarding this revision and process, including information on submitting proposals for amendments to the revision (deadline is February 1, 2024). Please note that proposed amendments must be endorsed by at least 15 certified congregations. The endorsement must be by action of their governing boards or their congregations. 

The Board would like your feedback on the Proposed Revision so that our GA delegates are properly representing our congregation. More information regarding GA 2024, including how to be a delegate, will be distributed in coming weeks. 

Thank you, and regards – 

Ann Alvarez & Gary Feder 

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