WATCH: Sunday, February 18 – Equanimity, a Buddhist Perspective, Rev. Carol Wolff

CLICK HERE to watch the service.

Join us as guest minister, Rev. Carol Wolf joins us for worship this Sunday.

 Equity and Equanimity may not be exact synonyms – but as a Buddhist meditation leader, the latter is a very important part in understanding mindfulness, a central tenet that easily relates to UUism.

If you can’t join us in person, please join us on Facebook Live.

A Cottage Conversation led by the Board of Trustees, will follow the service.

black and grey Buddha statue on top of hill

Rev. Wolff is a retired Unitarian Universalist minister who has served three congregations over the past 14 years. Since retirement,  Carol has enjoyed reading, watching Jeopardy and her cats Escher and Monay.  She lives with her partner, Ed, in Heritage Village a 55+ community in Southbury CT.  Carol likes Madison a lot having attended many Minister’s retreats as well as personal visits to the Mercy Center.  Her favorite places here are Christy Madison’s (formerly Dolly Madison’s) and RJJulia Bookstore. She preaches monthly in Norwich,CT at the UUCN.

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