NEWS from Communication!

Our Communications Team does a lot of work for SUUS over the weeks and months and we would like to have your help and input in different areas.

If you have a little extra time in your calendar, consider assisting in some of the different areas we cover.

Sue Schaedler and Mary Strieff are co-chairs along with Office Administrator Jill Brunelle. We can help train and assist you as needed. We will share our resources and make sure you’re comfortable with the process.

Join us as we spread the word about our wonderful community!

What We Do

FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM POSTS: SUUS posts on both platforms about 5x/week with Wednesday being Rev. Craig’s HUUMP DAY reflection.  We aim to post interesting photos, promote our Sunday services and other events at SUUS and in the area.  We would love a social media person to take over and increase our visibility in this area. 

SUUS Website – Working with the Church Administrator, we create and manage the content for the website. The website serves to inform members and visitors of the latest news, upcoming services, recent FB video services, faith formation activities, social justice issues, community connections and membership information.  We have a member’s only page with the latest directory, minutes from Board Meetings, links to our FF curriculum and more.  We would love to have someone to help with updating and creating the content.

Weekly News– is sent to about 400 members, friends and colleagues. The Administrator manages the design and distribution of this publication and manages the mailing list as requests for information that come into the office.  Communications create posts , updates and announcements when notified and sends info on to the Admin for her to incorporate each week.

Sandwich Board & Flag: Change weekly or monthly to promote our faith. We would love a volunteer to do this – Joel, our sexton, takes the board and flag in and out of the front foyer.  Quotations can be sent to you or you can create your own.

Publicity: Supply newspapers and online communities with press releases regarding special events and activities.  Help is always welcome if you have experience and enjoy writing. 

Design: Work with the Admin and Committees to create flyers, brochures and other press materials for SUUS.  Another great opportunity for someone with design and writing experience to assist. 

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