June 1, All Souls, New London: “Picking Up Stones: An American Jew Wakes to a Nightmare

All Souls UU in New London is hosting a one woman play called Picking Up Stones: An American Jew Wakes to a Nightmare and invites interested members and friends from SUUS to attend.

Last year, Sandra Laub, playwright/actor/educator, wrote and performed Picking Up Stones: An American Jew’s Moral Dilemma, a solo play aimed at balancing opposing views about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. But after the terrible events of October 7, 2023, Laub rewrote her play, adding new voices and new perspectives that have emerged in the wake of grief, heartache, and fear. Some of the many questions the play asks are: How, in the midst of war, can we still dream of peace? Can the world understand and sympathize with two seemingly opposing groups of innocent people? Is peace still possible after such trauma on both sides?

Picking Up Stones: An American Jew Wakes to a Nightmare, is Laub’s reaction to the Israel/Hamas war from Day 1 through Day 30. Sandra Laub commands the stage in this 100-minute one-woman staged reading.  A talkback with Sandra will take place immediately following the play.

NOTE: The play is meant for adults as it contains some graphic descriptions of war.

CLICK HERE for information about the play, performance time, and tickets.

Proceeds go to support Seeds of Peace

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