Social Justice Coordinating Team Makes New KIVA Loans

Social-JusticeOver the past three years, the SJCT has been making micro-loans to deserving men and women around the world.  Check out the Justice bulletin board in the coffee room for more details.  The initial loan from SUUS was $1500 to three recipients.  Since then, SUUS has been repaid and has reinvested in additional loans for a total of $3775 to date. This week, SJCT has distributed funds to two new recipients.

Carmen Areliza Picoaza, Ecuador / Sewing, $325.  Carmen is 40 years old and has 3 children who are 7-5 years old and a baby 4 months old. The two older children study at school. Carmen, along with her spouse, sells curtains and tablecloths that her mother-in-law makes. They sell on request to different merchants of the area. They leave things on credit and charge weekly. They have had this business for 4 years. With this new loan, they will buy fabrics for her mother-in-law to make tablecloths and curtains that are ordered. For lack of money, they have not been able to deliver the orders. She likes the loans because the payments are biweekly.  Her dream is to have a house of her own and a business location. This loan is special because: It is accompanied by useful, real-life business training.

Gilvaze – $250  Ishaka, Uganda / Farming  Gilvaze is an old client of UGAFODE Microfinance Ltd. He is 26 years of age and he is married with 2 children ages 3 and 1 year old, respectively. His main business is agriculture, especially banana plantation farming. He also deals in the coffee trade, where he earns an additional income for the family. He works for 6 days in a week and 8 hours per day.  He started his business in 2012 in the rural area of Kibazi, Kyamuhunga, Bushenyi district, and he intended to get an income to cater for his family. When he gets the loan, he will use it to buy fertilizers so that it will increase on his yield. This will help to increase on his income through increased yields that will increase his income. His clients are mainly those involved in the tea trade and processing. His main challenge is limited capital, but he is very honest and hard working. This loan is special because:It targets rural populations.

If you’d like to learn more about KIVA and how the SJCT chooses its recipients, contact Yann van Heurck or Bill Cash.





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