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The Social Justice Coordinating Team (SJCT) is pleased to announce the 2018 endowment Love Fund grant distribution, approved by the Board of Trustees:

  • $500 will be given to each of the four new Justice Teams – Environment, Food Insecurity, Low-Income Youth and Gender Issues.  We believe that supporting our new way of doing justice at SUUS will have a positive effect on making a difference in our community and will help build a sustainable base for each of these teams.
  • $1000 will be given to our UU Service Committee to help them continue their work of economic and environmental justice and human rights throughout the world. ” UUSC works to deliver aid with dignity and to advance the rights of people who might otherwise be left behind.”
  • $1000 to Hawkwing, an important CT based NGO supporting the Cheyenne River Lakota tribe in South Dakota: the poorest county in the United States. “Hawkwing brings basic need items: food, clothing, medical supplies, personal care items, books and toys to some 2,600 children and 500 Elders on the reservation. They bring doctors, nurses and dentists to the reservation for health services, and construction volunteers to repair dilapidated homes.”

To learn more about SJCT and its Justice Teams, contact committee chair, Cathy Ramin.

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