Share the Plate for June: Amistad Catholic Workers House

In June, we will Share the Plate with Amistad Catholic Workers House in New Haven, where Luz Catarineau and her husband Mark Colville have been feeding the homeless since 1994.  Even during this pandemic, Amistad House provides hot meals every day for more than fifty people. The Colvilles open their private home for the homeless to wash hands, use facilities, and take a shower. In addition, the House has been working with the city of New Haven and a collaborative of independent groups to set up housing for the homeless. The plans have changed over the weeks, and at present, they are handing out tents and sleeping bags and trying to set up a tent city site near Columbus Boulevard in New Haven. When the pandemic has passed, Amistad House will continue its efforts to care for our community and find housing for and provide meals to the homeless. The work of Amistad House depends entirely on donations of money, goods, and volunteer time, and every one of them is greatly appreciated.

The Share the Plate program aims to embody SUUS’s principles and values by showcasing an organization that we will support each month. By donating 50% of our cash offering each week to a designated charity, we offer our congregation and all who visit SUUS a chance to become aware of the many needs in the area and the opportunity to make a difference in the world.

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