Splinters From The Board

blue wooden fence

April’s Town Hall meeting was filled with creative ideas and wonderful feedback. If you have not taken the Congregational Survey, we ask you to fill it out so we will have a better idea of how we can better serve those who are ready to return and those who are not.

This past year has been harder on some than others, but we can honestly say that most of us are truly exhausted from the stress of isolation, adjusting to surprises and setbacks, inventing new ways of being together and staying safe, and realizing that even simple tasks take longer to do. We ask everyone to remember we are a community who cares for one another and our main goals right now are to be true to our Mission, to be nimble, to be inclusive and to be realistic. We are a small but mighty congregation and we look forward to being together again soon.

If you have a small group that would like to meet inside or outside the building, please contact Martha in the SUUS office to make a reservation.

In fellowship,
Mary Strieff, president

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