Our September “Share the Plate” Offering: Call to Care Uganda

It’s back to school time! As kids head back to school this month, isn’t water truly the most essential school supply we can give them? 

Our Share the Plate recipient for September is Call to Care Uganda, a local nonprofit organization based right here in Madison founded by our own Martha Wells Hoffman.  Call to Care Uganda’s mission is bringing health, safety, education and vitality to the people of Uganda through clean, accessible water. 

“It all starts with water…” and since 2007, Call to Care Uganda (CTCU) has drilled over 66 deep water wells in villages and schools throughout Uganda, impacting over 54,000 lives!  When a community that suffers from water scarcity is provided with a clean/safe source of water to draw from, their lives are transformed.  There is improved health, kids can attend school, women’s daily burdens from gathering water from unsafe/distant sources are alleviated, refined living conditions emerge, and self-sustaining change is possible. 

Furthermore, during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there is no better time to help others gain the ability to wash their hands in clean water, because clean hands save lives! (Can you imagine not being able to turn on a faucet and wash your hands right now?!)

SUUS has generously supported CTCU since 2008 when we helped drill a well at a school in Sheema, Uganda, and we have continued to help in many ways through the years. Thanks in advance for your continued support of this worthy cause.

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