Outreach Report from the Communications Committee

In case you missed the May 15th Town Hall Meeting, Ellen Creane and Mary Strieff presented an update on our Outreach efforts.  We have underway two major programs to communicate our UU faith to the larger community. Here is a summary.

FACEBOOK “BOOST” – Our SUUS page on Facebook announces the Sunday service topic with an invitation to join us. Instead of having people just stumble on this Facebook page (one of 400 million in the U.S.), we are using the Facebook “Boost” tool to increase viewers of our Facebook posts. We pay $20 each week to BOOST each Sunday Service post so thousands of Facebook users will see it in their feed automatically.  We selected the criteria for these Facebook viewers. The criteria are called “Selects.” 

Then, Facebook tracks the number of viewers who actually “engage” with each post. The tracking on this has reported about 2,000 “engagements” – viewers who take some action on the individual post.  That’s phenomenal since before “Boosting” we only got a handful of “likes” on the un-boosted post.  In the past 60 days, SUUS on Facebook has reached nearly 9,000 screens, had 506 “engagements” and 236 click-throughs to our own SUUS website.

CONNECTICUT PUBLIC (NPR) RADIO – We now have 10 UU congregations (including SUUS, out of 18 in Connecticut) who have pledged $$ to support the first Connecticut UU Outreach campaign on NPR stations.  It begins mid-Sept.  The campaign consists of one carefully-crafted radio spot of 15 seconds broadcast 49 times during 7 alternate weeks.  The spot will be crafted by us two with input on “key words” from all Connecticut UU congregations.  There’s a required structure from NPR, so the purposes will be to (1) introduce our UU faith and (2) encourage listeners to go to the uua.org website to learn more about UU plus find unique congregations to visit online and in-person.  Our SUUS Board of Trustees has approved this inclusive Outreach unanimously.   Here is the list of participating UU congregations in our state.

HERE’s a listing of participating UU congregations:

Ellen Crean, Communications Chair

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